v0.1.9 - "Workers+ and Bread"

Status: Uploaded. Probably full of new bugs! 

Work on v0.2 will start in roughly two weeks.


There were so many updates to v0.1.8 I decided to finalise it, and start on v0.1.9. This version basically continues on the same path, avoiding adding entire new types of gameplay, but rather fleshing out, polishing and tweaking the existing game features. Nonetheless the changes can be significant so there's lots to see and do.


  • About 800+ lines of old, redundant code removed!
  • Combat is now divided into rounds and turns, 6 rounds = 1 turn. This will be crucial for building buffs and debuffs and spell duration later.
  • Skill icons for gathering, chopping and mining actions added
  • Settings button formatting improved, works like a tab/button like the other tabs, much much easier to click on now!
  • Weapons stored now appear in the main "Barn" storage page as well (Armour and Tools to follow)
  • Tooltips' formatting changed to be more consistent with rest of the game
  • Variation added to combat damage bubbles, they appear randomly within a +/-10px range over the character area now
  • Tweak: Leftover XP on levelling up carries over (like with Skill lvs in the last update)
  • Fixed: Adventurer skills show proper tooltips
  • Fixed: Adventurer skills XP% showing wrong figures
  • craftitem() code now allows for workers to craft things, as well as the player, paving the way for crafting automation in future updates
  • Started optimising the code so that certain details from Upgrades, Resources, Weapons, etc is taken from the 'base' object, and certain details are in a personalised object, meaning future save games will be more easily compatible with future changes and additions


  • Worker list now shows what action (e.g. gathering or depositing) they are performing as well as the resource type
  • Resource and action icons added to worker list
  • "All Stop" command added to Worker submenu, stops all workers instantly, requires. Human Resources II
  • The Male/Female stranger are now only free to talk in the NPC tab when they aren't busy performing tasks 
  • Workers can now be set to automatically deposit resources as well as gathering them, effectively automating money income
    • by default, workers can deposit 4 of a resource at a time (so that there is some balance between gathering and depositing), this will likely become upgradable in future - and youll want your worker gathering total/skill lvs high enough to balance out for depositing level. But when workers have a higher depositing skill, that also means you need less workers on depositing duty.
    • to add: automating crafting, add a way to sell items, and a way to automate selling - create a full production/income chain
  • Worker numbers now accurately derived from actual workers, rather than incrementing a generic "workers" number
  • With the 'Human Resources III' upgrade branch, you can mouse over a resource's workers to see exactly who's working on it
    • this includes over the worker numbers next to each resource, showing who is working on it
    • also includes mousing over the total workers stats in the resources panel, showing who is free and who is busy, and what they are doing


  • Upgrades can now have multiple upgrade tiers for the same upgrade.
    • if you unlock a higher tier before you purchased the current/lower tier, it will automatically become available as you purchase the lower tier 
  • Upgrades can have a cost curve, defining how much cost increases per level.
  • Human Resources I, II, III defined: 
    • Level I provides access to the general worker list;
    • Level II provides access to a "stop all workers" button;
    • Level III shows extra work info over worker numbers 
  • Resource Management II provides access to automated depositing tasks
    • requires Human Resources III to unlock

New Resources and Upgrades:

  • Bread added to the game - the first more complex resource
    • To unlock it, you need to find someone who can teach Baking, then research it
    • You also need a Well, for water
    • Creating one bread costs 6 wheat
    • Bread trains the "Cooking" skill 
    • Workers can automatically bake bread for you
  • Well upgrade, for making bread.
  • Upgrades now can have upgrade levels
    • For research, lv is converted to a roman numeral and displayed with the end automatically 


  • 20+ entries added 
  • "Start page" entry added, and there is always a link back to it at the bottom of an entry now
    • Encyclopedia "Start page" can  be directly accessed from the Settings menu
    • Start page table of contents auto-generates its list of top-level Encyclopedia entries 
    • '.toc' property, if set, auto-adds a list of child entries in that entry text
  • Linking system automated - any key words in an entry are automatically converted to links to another entry
  • Certain pages are hidden until unlocked:
    • '.skill' property, links an entry to a skill. Text is unlocked only if at least one person has learned the skill 
  • Skill icons appear with the entry name when viewing a skill-related entry
  • "Error" page added for dead links - just in case
  • Encyclopedia help keyword-links appear in normal msgs too, this can be toggled on/off in the settings menu
  • Clicking on Skills in the Player/Adventurer info opens the relevant encyclopedia entry

Encyclopedia entries are a bit rough to start with, but will be fleshed out later. 

Items, Resources & Skills:

Tons of things added to the internal game framework, for future, including:

  • Weapons: Wands, 2-h Swords, Shields
  • Skills: Woodworking, Butchering, Cooking, Skinning, Tanning
  • Passive Combat Skills: Dual-wielding, Backstab, Dodge
  • Active Combat Skills: Shielding, Shield Bash
  • Magic Schools: Arcane, Heat, Cold, Electric and Runic
  • Resources: meat and lumber

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