v0.1.9b - Graphics, Multiple Enemies, and more!

v0.1.9b was uploaded last week but caused major game destroying bugs, so it was rolled back. Now, it's finished again!

v0.1.9b continues on the same path as 0.1.9, trying to flesh out and polish off existing content. Main additions: Background graphics added! Combat now can have multiple enemies at once! Selectable CSS themes! Adventurers can talk! More game settings! Better formatting!


  • ALL objects reorganised, so that Player specific saved data is separate from main game objects:
    • This means it is easier to keep player data (e.g. levels, items owned, resources amounts, etc) separate from main game details and hopefully is one of the final steps towards optimal save game compatibility across updates
    • that was the last main code change i needed before publishing 0.1.9b - will upload after some testing
    • UpdateObject code more in depth, updating savegame objects to match any changes in the base code for save game compatibility purposes. Combined with above step, will hopefully be very effective
    • Inventory functions now handled in one function instead of three very similar functions (for weapons, armour tools)
  • A bunch more stuff is now dynamically generated in code rather than manipulating static HTML:
    • Deposit Resources in the Barn 
    • Ore veins upgrades and ore 
    • Worker assigning buttons and amount of workers and rate of work
  • Many objects cleaned up, lots of redundant properties removed
  • Various bugfixes
  • 500+ lines of redundant old code removed


  • GRAPHICS added! 
    • BGs for farm, fields and mine.
    • Dialogue box is semi-transparent. Goes opaque when mouse is over it.
    • When clicking to get a resource, a small popup appears indicating your action and showing how many were acquired per click
    • When depositing, an image of the storeroom pops up, with an icon indicating how much resource was stored
  • Themes: you can now select different CSS themes. So far there is:
    • Console RPG - the default theme, with obvious SNES final fantasy influences
    • CGA 80s Computer - glorious eye-gouging 4 colour display from my childhood
    • Classic Text Adventure - no frills, no fuss, black and white text like a 90s webpage, and tribute to the first clicker games
    • Note: these extra themes are experimental so the formatting on them isn't quite polished right now
  • Various formatting improvements to menus, etc:
    • HP numbers have an outline effect
    • Resources now show numbers right-aligned, making it more uniform and easier to read
    • Deposit resources screen laid out into a neater, table format
    • If an upgrade is impossible to buy (e.g. you need to increase your maximum resource capacity first), then its cost is grayed out
    • Resource icons are included in the upgrade screen for costs
  • Settings tweaks:
    • Settings button doesn't appear until after the intro sequence now
    • Autosaving can be turned on/off in the settings
  • Non-gatherable/craftable-only resources (e.g. Ingots)  behaviour refined:
    • when crafted, are deposited straight in storage,
    • don't appear in the resources sidepanel, and ;
    • where they are listed in the barn, they don't have a "deposit resource" link.
  • Dialoguebox controls finally back in the game! Three controls:
    • clr: clears the dialoguebox
    • +-: increases/decreases height (two settings)
    • <>: increases/decreases width (two settings)
    • Appears after intro sequence
    • Is semi-transparent, becomes clear on mouseover
  • Various animations and indicators:
    • Resource gathered icon "floats" up slowly
    • Combat dmg floats up also, just like in JRPGS
    • When gathering resources, an indicator of amount/max is temporarily shown next to the gather button for convenience, fades out over time
    • If trying to gather at max, the msg "Max!" appears instead, with the same float/fade animation 
    • Refining the upgrade cost display from before:
      • If you have the capacity but cant currently afford an upgrade, that cost element appears in red
      • As before: if you dont have the right max capacity or resources unlocked, it appears in grey
      • If you can afford it, i'ts in white
  • New fonts: "DOS" and "Gold Box"
  • Upgrades page now shows "No upgrades available" text when it's empty. 

Personal inventories:

  • Player, Workers and Adventurers all have an "Inventory" which will later allow them to find stuff and carry it back, like weapons, extra resources, and other loot. 
  • Inventory will have a max carrying size based on STR, separate from resource carrying capacity
  • Upgrading their STR, passive traits, or other upgrades may increase carrying capacity beyond normal limits
  • Rudimentary in-game statistics added (under "Settings" menu)


  • It is now possible to face multiple enemies per combat instead of just one at a time:
    • Click on an enemy to make it the target of attacks
    • Game also auto-targets if needed: If attacking, but no enemy is targeted (e.g. prev. targeted enemy died), the game will automatically select the first/next enemy
    • the number of enemies faced depends on the danger level, ranging from 1 to 4 (for now), 
    • the first few dungeons should still only have 1 enemy per combat, but after that combats will start to get very hard unless you start hiring adventurers and crafting copper gear
  • You now gain XP for every action, instead of just landing the killing blow. Landing the killing blow grants bonus XP.
  • Characters now have a chance to make a quip during combat when attacking, being hit, using abilities or dying. The chance is modifiable in the settings panel, ranging from 0-100%.

Upgrades, Skills, etc

  • Cave/Mine split into three stages/floors instead of two, instead of unlocking copper+dungeons all at once:
    • copper ore unlocked on finishing second level, 
    • tunnels/dungeons unlocked on finishing third level
  • Smelting upgrade split into levels - first level unlocks copper ingots. (further levels not available in current game)
  • Smithing upgrade introduced - first level unlocks some basic copper gear. (further levels not available in current game)
    • further copper gear has to be discovered, e.g. finding blueprints
  • Minecart upgrade moved back - not unlocked until you deposit at least 40 ores first
  • Traits: characters can now gain traits, which are one-off specials that grant various bonuses. They aren't acquirable in the current game, I have not yet decided how they will be implemented - probably gained once every X levels, and sometimes granted in special events.
    • Packmule: carrying capacity for loot (not resources) is increased by 50%
  • New level of the Resource Management upgrade, unlocks a "Deposit All" button (not yet tested, may or may not work)

Dialogue/notification improvements

  • Previously, I made it so the game doesn't repeat the same dialogue over and over. A slight improvement to that:
    • Now, if you repeat an action, it still doesn't repeat the dialogue, but it does show a counter (x2, x3, etc) afterwards, so that you are aware that the game was still aware of and processing (or trying to process) whatever action you just tried
    • Similarly, the game's dialogue box informs you when you click save, (or if it autosaved), making it clearer that pushing the "save" button is working.
  • The "deposit" msg is greatly simplified. But the copper amount is a clickable link, clicking it will show you a detailed breakdown of how your payment was calculated.
  • Clicking on adventurer's images in the Adventurers menu gives you a random speech bubble. This serves no purpose other than for fun.

The game is starting to look dangerously like a real game! But... at the same time, there is still a long, long way to go, yet. 

There will probably be a final v0.1.9c which focused on code cleanup/optimisation, before finally moving on to v0.2 which will focus on smoothing out narrative/gameflow before public release. (Hint: basket, sycthe etc will change quite a bit, the farmer will do more, but also won't stick around as long... etc) It will also create the basic "New Game+" loop - which is similar to the prestiging mechanics of most incremental games. Starting new games over will confer various bonuses.

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