0.1.9c - bug and issue fixes

A quick update to fix some bugs and issues. This update also includes code for a "New Game+" mechanic, that unlocks in the unlikely event you beat the final dungeon. If you somehow manage to get that far, feel free to play around with it but note that it doesn't do anything yet,


  • Various issues/bugs with intro sequence (hopefully) fixed, plus some small tweaks
  • Bug: couldn't gather ore anymore - fixed
  • Bug: tin ore upgrade didn't work, tin ore didn't appear in "stored resources" - fixed
  • Bug: clicking "Fight" for a previous dungeon while in another dungeon broke combat - fixed
  • Bug: dungeon floors starting on 0, and also not working - fixed
  • Bug: smithing upgrade didn't work if purchased in a certain order - fixed
  • A few upgrades' pacing changed slightly
  • A few other minor bug fixes and formatting tweaks


  • Dialogue controls panel re-added to game, and tweaked so it, and the dialogue box re-positions and resizes as needed on browser resize
  • "Deposit All" button fully integrated into game and tested (requires Resource Management II upgrade)
  • "Resource Tracker" upgrade formatting issues fixed. It still sucks... but I have a plan for making it better soon
  • "Retire button" and "New Game+" framework added (not yet fully working)

Known remaining bugs:

  • Ores can't be deposited via "deposit all" yet. 


Discussion: NewGame+ mechanic

Seems like a good chance to lay out the ideas behind this. OSIR is mainly an RPG at hear but with incremental elements. It can't be an incremental without some sort of "prestige" mechanic, but you don't prestige in RPGs, so say hello to "New Game+"!

  • Once you beat the final dungeon (probably not possible in the current version since not enough decent equipment is available yet... at least without excessive grinding), the "Retire" button (in Farm tab and in Settings menu) becomes enabled. Clicking this will prompt you whether to retire, if clicking yes, you choose a path in life. To start with, only one path is open to you, which is continuing on as a farmer til the end of your days. 
  • When retiring, you get a "score", calculated depending on certain factors and the type of path. For the "Farmer" path, it is one point per every 1,000 resources gathered (this will probably be tweaked).
  • You can then spend points on permanent perks, which will persist through multiple games. For the Farmer path, these are appropriately themed: You can boost your initial gathering, chopping, mining and crafting skills, making the new game faster.
  • Skills have multiple levels and each level's cost increases (for now equal to the level, so lv. 1 cost 1 point, lv. 2 costs 2 points, etc)
  • The highest level of a perk you can invest is limited by the total number of resets (either overall, or for that path, depending on the perk)  So on your first reset, that will be level 1 max. 
  • Different tiers of perks also will only unlock after certain number of resets (again either over all, or for that path, depending on the perk). 

The current Farmer perks aren't that interesting, admittedly, but more stuff will come. 

Another plan I have is for each "path" to grant access to improving one or more of the players base attributes. E.g. Farmer path could grant you ability to upgrade your CST (constitution).

The second path will be combat-related, unlocking Player-related bonuses such as starting out with better combat-related skills (like weapon proficiency), as well as passive bonuses to improve the speed that you gain XP, for example, and increasing your base STR. 

The second path will also unlock the "Battle Arena" mode which will be a cool side-game focused on combat only (doubling as a way to test the upcoming battle engine).

Other path ideas include a Mayor path, which will relate to the town-building aspect of the game - which will be quite some time before I get that far, and some sort of Adventurer path for more party and guild updates. 

It's not that interesting yet but once it's fully fleshed out, it will hopefully create some interesting incentives for starting over, and hopefully a good balance of options and slow build up before you start unlocking too much at once.


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Mar 22, 2018

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