This update is focused on cleaning up and polishing off the content-side of the 0.1.x branch. The main change has been creating a proper introduction phase, with elements phasing in slowly, one-by-one, over time to create a smoother "entrance" to gameplay. Various UI tweaks were added, like icons for resources, proper links instead of windows buttons, adding more help and feedback messages. 

New features or tweaks won't appear or take effect unless you hard reset (settings menu) but old save games *should* continue to work... but can't make any promises. 

Next update (0.1.7~) will focus on code clean up, making save games forward-compatible, and wrap up the 0.1.x~ branch before I start on 0.2.x~ which will have major content additions.

What's New

  • Added an "intro sequence" where the elements of the game fade in over time until you've opened the full UI
  • Overall progression padded out a bit more, to be smoother. Things still progress a bit too quickly once you discover dungeons, though
  • Dialogue popups now only will display 1 msg at a time (less annoying and disruptive to gameplay)
  • Dialogue box won't repeat the same msg in a row (i.e. if you keep getting a msg when you can't do something, but keep clicking on it)
  • Custom cursor added - classic Final Fantasy style hand icon!
  • Custom fonts added - selectable from Settings menu
  • Icons added for all resources (wood, ore, etc)
  • "You" renamed to "Player" so that "You gets better at.." messages changed to more the grammatically correct "Player gets better at", etc. Future updates will likely enable you to name your main character.
  • (Most) buttons changed into formatted links that fit with the visual style better
  • Small temporary code fix to prevent the game from saving right after a hardreset (which would generally cause the new game to be bugged out ). Next update (0.1.7~) will fix Hard Reset properly, to reset cleanly and not require manually reloading the page
  • Strangers now need to be "restored" at a cost of 100 wheat (imagine it as "food") before they can be used as workers (making stored wheat have an actual use in early game)
  • Wood is no longer automatically discovered - the Woods has to be surveyed first before you can start chopping wood, costs 450 wheat, providing more use for early game wheat.
  • Silo upgrade moved back, unlocks after exploring a certain % of the Fields
  • Smelting upgrade - required before you can craft ingots
  • Various other UI tweaks

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: XP requirements for untrained skills is always 100XP, but changes once you hit "trained" (i.e. Lv. 1), to an initial cost which is often 100XP also but for some skills begins higher.
  • Fixed: XP requirements for trained Skills levels now scales based on skills' "XPcurve" property, instead of erroneously defaulting to 100xp per level, regardless of level/xp curve.
  • Fixed: battle freezing if you equipped a weapon, then unequipped it, then entered combat
  • Fixed: numerous currency conversion bugs, mainly with "downwards" exchanges
  • Fixed: numerous bugs with "depositResource" code
  • Maybe fixed - battle freezing after an adventurer's turn in seemingly random cases (bug seemed to randomly go away on its own)
  • Maybe fixed - couldn't hire adventurers in some seemingly random cases (bug seemed to randomly go away on its own)

Aside from bug fixes and testing of this version update, there will be one more update for code cleanup. Mainly it will focus on fixing hard resets so that you don't have to manually reload the page, and also set out some groundwork for prestige/new game+ mechanics in future. Secondly, it will focus on backward compatibility, so that new versions can "load" older version save games.

That will hopefully be the last version increment before moving on to v0.2,x~ titled the "Craftsman" update, that will focus on the incremental side, making workers more interesting, smoothing out crafting UI and progression (so items must be discovered instead of starting with everything craftable), and adding more farm/town-building elements. Maybe even a bit of story!


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  Hey Retro! The polishing you added really gave the game a nicer feel. Was just finishing (I believe at least, was around the Ancient Ruins) the last version when this update launched. Well, and then there I am playing again. Now, the things I noticed:

  1.  Bug: it seems the Scythe price is actually 62cp. Not sure throught.
  2.  Bug: it also seems that you can't get the silo upgrade, the one that uses 300 wood, 200 copper, since at this point the wood limit is 250.
  3. Bug: when the Smelting upgrade is adquired, the Crafting tab don't appear, as it is said (at least I think the console says this). However, finishing the caves enables that tab.

  Opinions: adding the icons and fades really made the game fell better. To make it better, I think the hand should point left, since the mouse also points left. Also, more workers would be nice. Maybe hiring them should be possible?

 However, these are just opinions! Really nice to see this update. I stopped playing around the tunnels, so there's still a lot to play. Looking foward to future updates!

Thanks for the comment! Glad to see the update brought you back! ;) I am definitely planning on expanding the Workers-side of gameplay in the next bigger update, not only will you get more workers, but they will each have their own stats and skill rankings, and can equip tools. (this is built into the code but not implemented into the gameplay yet)! 

You were right, the Scythe price was displaying wrong - well spotted! Currently the HTML for upgrades is static, something I need to automate in the next update. 

#2 and #3 are not a bugs, per se, just to do with unlocking order. E.g. for Silo, you have to wait til you get the Upgrade Storage Shed upgrade, which unlocks after you explore the Cave. It IS a bit weird to give the Silo upgrade before its possible to afford it, though. 

It raises an interesting design question: I've noticed people tend to max out their resources and get all upgrades before moving on to a new section of the game whenever possible. Then, when they unlock new stuff they already have the resources to buy any new upgrades instantly, which trivialises the importance/impact of the upgrades.  

Ideally, I want a way to introduce new upgrades where the player can't already pay for them without some kind of new planning and work. E.g. when Party Slot is unlocked, you need 1000 wheat. To store that much wheat, though, you need the Upgraded Silo. But, to pay for that, you need 300 wood, so you first need the Upgraded Storage Shed. I think that makes an interesting chain of planning for the player. However, if the player has been maxing out every resource and upgrade as soon as it appears, instead, they can just buy the Party Slot as soon as it appears without much thought, reducing the significance of the upgrade to just a button click. 

Not sure what the best approach to that is though, without forcing it - ideas welcomed!

 Hey Retro, you're welcome! Also, sorry for disappearing: I was working on some game stuff as well :)

About the sequence problem, I think it is recurrent in Clicker Games to just get the upgrades without much thought. I guess a solution is to include quests, such that the reward of the quest is the new upgrade: however, this might prove being a bit hard... well, just an idea.

Hey Keyband, good to have you back! I saw you posted a couple games, looking forward to playing them soon!

I think quests will be a good idea, currently the game sort of has quests - when it or the farmer suggests something you should do. Later in the Adventurer/Dungeon side of game I think I will have more formal quests, like rescuing trapped miners from monsters, for example. 

Aside from that I haven't given the sequence problem much thought, I just updated the game with some massively cleaned up code, so from here, I'm gonna go back to brainstorming about the sequence idea and see what I can come up with.