v0.1.5 - "Post-jam" Update!

The first post-jam update is in progress - a live update is online right now - which focuses on filling out a lot of combat and gameplay mechanics that pad out the pacing of the RPG elements.

Next bigger update will focus on craftsmen. Narrative and story is still sitting patiently in the back seat, and will likely be the focus on the next big update after this one! 

New resources

  • Instead of discovering straight up ore you initially discover "ore veins ", and  must first spend resources to establish the appropriate mining operation before you can start mining ore.
  • Iron discovery in the first cave is replaced by copper vein discovery. 
  • Tin ore vein is now discovered after clearing the Subterranean Caves dungeon. 
  • Iron ore moved much, much further back - (cannot be unlocked in the current state of the game/story)
  • Ore can be smelted into ingots, and items are updated to require ingots appropriately. 
  • Copper ore/ingot, Bronze ingot and silver ore/ingot added to the game (but not yet unlockable)
  • Weapon and armour crafting recipes updated to require ingots instead of ore.
  • Weapons and armour beyond wood require higher "Crafting" skill levels to craft them
  • Gems - a new type of resource for crafting magic items. Quartz, amethyst, and citrine added to the game (not yet unlockable)
  • A whole bunch of new weapons, including various swords, a new dagger, a crossbow, and magic staves.
  • Higher level resources e.g. Stone->Copper, require higher skill level (e.g. mining) to mine
  • Monsters can now drop loot:
    • bones, chitin, slime and more added but not yet droppable (preparing for "Craftsman" update)
    • Some humanoid monsters, like skeletal warriors can drop weapons and armour

Workers, Party & Dungeons

  • Gatherers/Workers are now actual entities instead of a flat Workers=2 number. They can technically gain skills and equip tools, though the interface to do so hasn't yet been implemented - that is saved for the next update which will be the "Craftsman Update"
  • "Crafting" skill added. Allows crafting of higher level weapons (in future may do more things like increasing quality
  • Main character now has equip button for tool as well weapon/armour (getting ready for future tool upgrade)
  • Hiring adventurers now costs 100 copper p.
  • Active party limit implemented. You can not have more members than the max in the active party, which starts at 1 (just you) and upgrades eventually to 4 (currently 2 is max unlocked). Costs wheat, meaning there's something to actually spend it on now!
  • Active party now appears as a expandable/collapsible section on the left side menu.
  • Dungeons now can have multiple floors, meaning in effect that they need to be explored multiple times before they are cleared and the next Dungeon is unlocked.
  • Exploring now costs "food" - for now this is the wheat you are carrying (later will be improved to a proper supplies system). 
  • Exploring dungeons costs more food per "explore" based on its "dangerlevel".
  • Some monsters can drop loot randomly (as above).
  • Bug fix: defend no longer gives 90%-100% defense instead of 10-0%... Oops.
  • Maximum adventurers limit "guild size" also implemented. Begins at five and eventually will be upgradeable (probably to around 30).

Upgrades & System

  • New upgrade- "resource tracking". Displays storage capacity in the resources sidemenu (appears as a %). It requires wheat, meaning along with party slot upgrades there is finally Something to spend wheat on!
  • Tools can now be crafted and equipped, including scythes, axes, and pickaxes. (cant be unlocked yet - preparing for future craftsmen update).
  • Resources tracker can be toggled on or off via a button similar to minimise/maximise.
  • New wheelbarrow upgrade to increase stone carrying capacity.
  • Mine cart upgrade added to increase ore carrying capacity.
  • Additional storage shed and silo upgrades available.
  • Credits popup added, primarily so I can credit the authors of the free game art assets used 


The next big content update will be "The Craftsman Update" (v.0.2.0~), which focuses on fleshing out your workers, so that they are individual assignable units with their own skills and equipment - and of course upgrades. 

After that, the order is subject to change, but the current roadmap is: the "Farmer's Journey" update (0.3.0~) will begin to focus on the story. Who is The Farmer? Where did the Strangers come from? What is happening outside the Farm? The update after that (0.4.0~) will be the "Hamlet" update, which will finally introduce town-building elements, fleshed out adventurer system, and more dungeons. Further is still shrouded in mystery, but 0.5.0 will probably focus on combat and dungeons. (cough skill-based combat system cough) 

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